2011 Festival Winners


Biopic Feature Screenplay

1st Place – Duty, Honor, Country

2nd Place – Two Ton Tony

3rd Place – Rimshot

4th Place – Runner


Original Feature Screenplay

1st Place – Action Baby, Action!

2nd Place – Rough and Tumble

3rd Place – The Go Getter

4th Place – The Little White Kart


Short Screenplay

1st Place – The Dugout

2nd Place – Playing Through

3rd Place – Waiting for Mr. Godfrey

4th Place – Frozen


Super Short Animated Film

1st Place – Without Wings

Super Short Film

1st Place – The Gay Who Wasn’t Gay Enough

2nd Place – Run

3rd Place – Armor


Short Film

1st Place – Tee Party

2nd Place – The Limits

3rd Place – Mikel’s Faith


Student Short Film

1st Place – The Corner

2nd Place – X.C.

3rd Place – Queensbury Rules


Short Documentary Film

1st Place – Sun Devil Tough

2nd Place – Pushing Above The Highpoint

3rd Place – The Sirens Call


International Short Documentary Film

1st Place – The Freedom Chair

2nd Place – The Rattskiparen (The Referee)

3rd Place – More Than Meets The Eye


Student Short Documentary Film

1st Place – Uncaged

2nd Place – One Punch at a Time

3rd Place – A Four Wheeled Fascination – The Evolution of Roller Derby


Documentary Film

1st Place – Awaken The Dragon

2nd Place – The Hopeful

3rd Place – 4th & Goal


International Documentary Film

1st Place – Ueberflieger – the art of ski jumping

2nd Place – Football United: Passport To Hope

3rd Place – I Want To Run


Feature Film

1st Place – JumpRopeSprint

2nd Place – Flip A Coin

3rd Place – Ryvok (The Dash)


Audience Choice Award Best Super Short Film

The Speedway!


Audience Choice Award Best Short Film

Sportz Balls


Audience Choice Award Best Short Documentary

Awaken the Dragon


Audience Choice Award Best Documentary

The Hopeful


Audience Choice Award Best Feature Film

Flip A Coin


Best Cinematography Short Film

The Limits


Best Cinematography Short Documentary Film

Hic Sunt Leone


Best Cinematography Documentary Film

That First Glide


Best Cinematography Feature Film

Flip A Coin