Submission FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you accept music videos?
A: Sorry, no.
Q: Do you accept rough cuts?
A: Yes, but it should be 90% done - please include a note in the cover letter and on the DVD case so that our screeners and programmers know exactly what work you've got left to do.
Q: If I submit my film on the very last day, will it have less of a chance of being accepted?
A: No.  ALL films will be watched.  Promise.
Q: Do you have restrictions on national or regional premieres?
A: Nope.
Q: May I submit more than one film?
A: Yes, as long as each film is accompanied by its own entry form and fee.
Q: Can I get both a Withoutabox discount and a student discount?
A: No.  Only one or the other.
 Q: What if I was a student when I made the film but I've graduated and I'm not in school anymore - is it still considered a student film?
 A: Yes.
Q: Does each film actually get screened or do some get automatically rejected without even being opened?
Q: Do you accept international films?
A: Yes.
Q: What is your definition of "international"?
A: The usual definition is: If more than 50% of a project's financing comes from international sources, your film will be considered an international film.
Q: Do you give awards?
A: Yes.  We will be awarding the “Best of Fest” in all categories.
Q: Do the entry deadlines represent dates that the film must be received on or postmarked by?
A: Your film MUST be postmarked no later than the deadline for which you have registered.
Note: If a film payment is received after a postmark deadline, we will not view your film until the fee difference is received.
We strongly suggest that you mail your film to us well in advance of the postmark deadline for which you have registered!

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